HTC Hero : Mise à jour avant le 7 mai ?

écran accueil htcC’est en tout cas ce qu’aurait annoncé Sprint (opérateur US) en interne et à ses partenaires.

HTC et Sprint vont finalement sortir la version 2.1 d’Android (nom de code : Eclair) avant la fin de la semaine.

C’est ce qu’affirme une photo/capture d’écran faite par un employé de chez « Best Buy ».

Même si cette capture n’a aucune valeur, on peut imaginer qu’une version devrait sortir prochainement (avant juin).

Ceci mettra du baume au cœur à tous les possesseurs de ce téléphone.

A suivre…

Mise à jour du 6 mai
Et voici le texte.


UPDATED MAY 3: There have been some questions about this update. It is a firmware update. Due to changes made by HTC on Friday, the deployment was delayed until this week. The update will be in all stores by this Friday, May 7.

A new ROM update will give customers additional features and improved functionality on their HTC Hero. Although this update is available to customers on the HTC website, you may have customers come into the store requesting assistance in performing the update. The update is available on the Mobile Genie and the UME touch and can be accessed through the start-up menu on the device. To see the update instructions, click here or go to Employee Toolkit > Quick Access > Best Buy Mobile > Wireless Phone Activations > Handset Software Updates.

Here are some key things you should know and inform customers before performing this update:

Installing the ROM Update Utility will delete ALL information and data on your Android phone that is not saved to the SD card.
Make sure every customer inquiring about the update has read the HTC Hero ROM Update Information document. You may wish to print a copy of this document to show customers.
Although Best Buy Mobile employees have ability to back up and re-install a customer’s contacts using a USB provided by the customer, it is recommended that the customer back up all information on his or her home PC prior to coming into the store for the update.
Best Buy Mobile employees do not have the capability to back up photos, e-mails or apps. These will be deleted unless the customer backs them up at home prior to the update.
The update will take 10 to 15 minutes (this includes backing up contacts, installing the update and re-installing contacts).

Mise à jour du 7/05
Selon l’administrateur des forums officiels de Sprint, il n’y aura pas de mise à jour le 7 mai. Pas plus d’explication.